marco trentin art exhibition


opening giovedì 12 settembre 2019 alle ore 18,30
presso il Museo Regionale d’Arte Kovalenko di Krasnodar (Russia)

dal 12 settembre al 13 ottobre

following press release:

The general theme of the festival, as event of an international scope, was the theme of unity, represented through the root of “UNI” – “Unity”.

The main theme of the artworks is «Нuman». The relevance of the topic united the creative interests of 175 graphic artists from 31 countries from all over the world. Each of the authors presents his own unique view of the association of people today.

The key event of the festival is the exposition of 400 works of various types of unique graphics and printmaking: from pencil drawings to the artist’s books created by the project participants over the past 3 years. The selection of artworks for the festival was carried out by the jury of the competition, formed from a number of authoritative experts from Russia, Mexico, Germany, Sweden, Finland.

The program of the Festival includes lectures, master classes, teleconference and video conferencing, meetings with artists. The program of events is published on the museum website and social networks.

The chosen image for the poster is a Maud Probst Rönnbom artwork “Behind”.

Marco Trentin | Artist and Printmaker