marco trentin art exhibition

2nd Triennial of graphic arts in Livno

opening martedì 26 giugno 2020 alle ore 19.00
presso ” Franjevački muzej i galerija Gorica”, di Livno (Bosnia Erzegovina)
dal 26 giugno al 1 novembre

Press release follows:

            The Franciscan Museum and Gallery Gorica–Livno, as one of the leading cultural institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, endeavours to shed new light and promote the Bosnian-Herzegovinian cultural heritage through permanent and temporary exhibitions, archaeological research and publishing activities. By initiating the International Triennial of Graphic Arts, our wish is to promote the current production of graphic arts with the aim of popularising the graphic arts medium as an artistic discipline and unity through art.

            In 2017, 109 artists from 33 countries have participated at the 1st International Triennial of Graphic Arts in Livno. The contentment of participants and audiences after the success of this exhibition, created a positive atmosphere for further work on the promotion of graphic arts.

            With the ever-growing popularity of annual exhibitions, not only on the world, but also on the regional art scene, the event in Livno will strive to make its contribution to the strengthening of different cultural-artistic dialogues, as well as to the exchange and flow of artistic experiences with its art programme. We believe that each art event in its unique geographical, cultural and ideological space creates its own specific dimension of new artistic dialogues.

We invite you to be a part of the 2nd International Triennial of Graphic Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will take place from June 26th to November 1st 2020.

            In the hope of achieving a successful collaboration in the building of new cultural-artistic bridges, we look forward to your participation at the 2nd International Triennial of Graphic Arts in Livno.

Marco Trentin | Artist and Printmaker