The 11th Kochi International Triennial Exhibition of Prints

Works series
La domenica delle salme
by Marco Trentin

opening sabato 31 ottobre 2020 alle ore 19.00
presso ” Ino-cho Paper Museum “, di Kochi (Giappone)
dal 31 ottobre al 26 dicembre

Press release follows:

The Kochi Triennial Exhibition of Prints was first organized with the purpose of returning to one of the origins of the fine arts in order to rethink what they really mean in the modern world, where they are becoming increasingly diverse. It is also our hope to contribute to the evolution of woodblock art. Since the exhibition is hosted in Kochi, a world-class producer of Japanese traditional paper, artwork submissions are limited to those that use paper as the primary material. Every three years, the Exhibition unfolds new worlds of woodblock art with its warmth and richness of expression. Accepting high-quality submissions from artists around the world, the Triennial Exhibition of Prints has gained renown as an international exhibition.

Marco Trentin | Artist and Printmaker