XI Premio Atlante de Gravado

XI Premio Atlante
de Gravado

opening sabato 10 ottobre 2020 alle ore 13.00
presso il “Museo do Gravado de Artes” a Ribeira (Spain)
dal 10 ottobre al 15 dicembre

Press release follows:

The Rural Arts Foundation is based in the Engraving Museum located in the town of Artes, in the Galician municipality of Ribeira, in the province of A Coruña. Surrounded by a spectacular natural landscape, the Foundation located one of the most innovative projects for dilettantes, scholars and fans of the world of the arts, more specifically of Graphic Art, creating a unique space in the area that combines ancient and contemporary graphic art.

The structuring of the Museum focuses on two main aspects: Cabinet of Prints (duly arranged by Schools in addition to their private studies) and three Exhibition Rooms open to the public, also having space for a Library and Conference Room.

The Museum of Arts Foundation focuses its objective on the collection, cataloging, study and dissemination of graphic art from its origins to the present day. That is why it welcomes all the artistic techniques that operated from the 15th century to the present day, justifying its name: From Engraving to digital printing.